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Fall 2012 Garden Update

Fall 2012 Garden Update

Autumn is here! The leaves are changing and fall produce are coming in.

CSA members: please check the Langar fridge for your shares.

This week: Corn, peaches or nectarines, hot peppers, and squash.

More from the garden soon…

Sat Nam!

Sat Avtar

Update: Garden Clean Up

This past weekend we cleaned up more of the garden with an army of seven. We cleared the grape area, and will be turning the former playground into a proper, pretty arbor complete with an alter to the celestial and garden faeries, as the season moves on see small changes. We have flower seeds galore…

Early Spring 2012: Gardening Begins

Early Spring 2012: Gardening Begins

Come celebrate Spring in the 2012 Ashram Garden. Clean up weekends will begin March 17/18 and 23/24 and probably the weekend after that. Also, we are adding our prayers to the weekly Gurdwara Ardas as well as our own personal meditations for the land to be revitalized and an abundant this coming harvest! Mar 17…