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Happy Birthday Yogi Bhajan!

Happy Birthday Yogi Bhajan!

Each summer at Guru Ram Das Ashram here in Millis we celebrate Yogi ji’s birthday — August 26th — with chanting and gatherings that help us reconnect and remember.

We hold an Akhand Path in our Gurdwara.

We chant in the evenings for eleven days before Yogi ji’s birthday.

And on the morning of August 26th we’re sure to host a special sadhana.  This is a wonderful experience of joining in the annual worldwide sadhana event in which yogis and yoginis are chanting together for eleven minutes.

This year we have added a 40 day sadhana to the celebration.

For more information visit our Community Page.

Please join us!

♫♪♫♪ On this day, the Lord gave you Life.  May you use it to serve Him...♫♪♫♪
♫♪♫♪ On this day,
the Lord gave you Life.
May you use it to serve Him…♫♪♫♪


Gatka with Himmat Singh

Gatka with Himmat Singh

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Winter Rest 2013

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