Welcome to the Guru Ram Das Organic Garden, the community gardens at the Ashram.  Our Garden is supported by Ashram residents and our garden friends.  We operate as a CSA.

The Guru Ram Das Ashram is situated on twenty acres of land in Eastern Massachusetts southwest of Boston.  Our community gardens are located in the fields on the east side of our property.  We grow vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Community gardens improve the quality of life for both individuals and communities.  They create usable green space that is enjoyed for gardening, walking, community events, and general beauty.  Our community gardens help our community maintain its farming roots and provide us with fresh vegetables and deeper our connections with each other.

Why garden with us?  For starters…
✦ you like making new friends and building community
✦ you want to connect with people who share your appreciation for good food
✦ you want to learn more about the land and working with it
✦ you appreciate ideals of self-reliance and community
✦ you want to live sustainably and eat locally grown produce
✦ you love the idea of reducing your family’s food budget
✦ you get excited by conserving resources
✦ you find treadmills a tad boring, and working in the fields is cheaper than therapy

We never use chemical fertilizers or herbicides at the Guru Ram Das Garden.

Please join us!

Winter Rest 2013

The Ashram Garden is asleep beneath a foot of snow that fell just before New Years.  For more than a decade our community has marked the new year by hosting an annual New Years Kirtan Celebration. This year’s event was bittersweet as we we reflected on both loss and sadness from violence in the world… Continue Reading