Occupy Seva

Occupy Seva


Occupy Seva
Occupy Seva

Sat Nam All,

Last Sunday, by God’s Grace we had carloads of sevadars descend upon Occupy Boston to serve kitcheree lovingly prepared by Siri Devta Kaur and warm Yogi Tea prepared by Hardev Singh and Jap Prem Singh.  Siri Karm Singh served prashad and Hardev Singh led us in chanting.  We ended the night by dancing barefoot on Mother Earth to some rocking drummers.

Your generosity and gifts were gratefully received and distributed

by Siri Chand Kaur — thank you all!

The hot meal and tea was much appreciated as there is no access to hot meals in the kitchen tent at Occupy Boston.

Looking Ahead… We are preparing for another weekend of seva to serve this Sunday.

What we need:

1. Veggie choppers Friday afternoon (10/28).

2. Some kitchen help on Saturday (10/29).

3. We  need a vehicle to transport food and sevadars to help serve on sunday (10/30).

Hardev Singh will prepare kitcheree on Saturday and we will heat it during Gurdwara and bring it into Boston to serve after langer on Sunday.

Looking forward to another weekend of Bliss with all of you.

In Service,
Adi Shakti Kaur

P.S.  We are still collecting monetary donations for food.

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