Chant & Tea: Occupy Seva

Chant & Tea: Occupy Seva

Sat Nam All,

Wahe Guru!

The Yogi tea continues to flow at Occupy Boston.  This last weekend when we arrived a young man named Josh said: “The yogis are here!”  He then quickly went to his tent named the “Love Cave” (named after the meditation space set up in the tent) to grab his four tent room mates for tea.  They love the tea, they love the chanting and they love, love, love the energy and light.

Next Visit to Occupy Boston

We will be returning to OB this Saturday, November 19, departing from the Ashram at 6PM.  We expect to arrive at South Station about 45 minutes later.

Let me know
if you would like to help out.


We’ve received several requests from the Occupiers that we come back and chant.  So, if you are a musician, singer or feel moved… please think of joining us.  It’s simple to do… just to let me know when you would be available to do this seva. Knowing our schedule and numbers enables us to coordinate with Occupy Boston to have a platform.


You may be wondering “What does it cost to provide tea to Occupy Boston?”

Here is a breakdown of weekly costs:

  • 200 cups $20
  • honey $20
  • ginger $12
  • parking for 2 vehicles $20
  • milk $12
  • spices (varies)

We are also accepting donations of these items, so please feel free to drop off honey, paper cups, etc. anytime.

We continue to gratefully accept your gracious donations.  Please think of this seva if your moved.

Please forward this blog post to anyone you feel may be interested and join us! Your thoughts or comments are welcome. You can post your thoughts in the Comments section below.

In Service,

Adi Shakti Kaur

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