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Occupy Boston
Fall Festies at Occupy Boston
Sat Nam All,

After the Kundalini Yoga Fall Festival (Oct 15th), thanks to Hardev Singh’s organizing, we loaded up five cars with shining faces, instruments and gongs and landed in the middle of Occupy Boston.  It was a magical night.  Hardev Singh led us with pranayam, meditation, chanting and Ravinder Singh’s drum had everyone dancing.  Words can not convey how powerful this experience was.

We are planning on bringing langar and continue the joy this upcoming weekend, October 23rd.  Here is what is needed:

  • Sevadars to cook mung beans and rice and to grocery shop for it
  • Folks to go there and serve and a van to transport
  • Muscians
I am willing to contribute $50 towards the grocery and we will need approximately $50 more.  I have checked in with some people and there are some folks who were hoping to do this on Saturday.  After checking in with several folks it seems like Sunday will work better.  I know some of you are very attached to Saturday and hopefully we can all particpate on Sunday.  The kitchen is going to be busy with wedding preparations and they will need all hands on deck and all of the pots.  So for all available and willing souls we can plan to meet in the kitchen on Sunday after the wedding to cook the mung beans and rice and then drive it into Boston.

Please let me know if you would like to participate and in what capacity.  Let’s spread the light, spread the love and break bread with our Brothers and Sisters.  See photo too!!!

Love and Light,

Adi Shakti Kaur

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