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Individuals and families who reside at the Ashram. Community living at the Ashram includes 4 town homes, 13 apartments, and a cottage. We share the community building and Gurdwara.

Early Spring 2012: Gardening Begins

Early Spring 2012: Gardening Begins

Come celebrate Spring in the 2012 Ashram Garden. Clean up weekends will begin March 17/18 and 23/24 and probably the weekend after that. Also, we are adding our prayers to the weekly Gurdwara Ardas as well as our own personal meditations for the land to be revitalized and an abundant this coming harvest!

Mar 17 & 18 folks will put in some time raking, fixing the fence and clearing around the grape arbor. Think this sounds fun?  intriguing? want to know more?  Email Jap Prem Singh and me (Sat Avtar Kaur) at

I’ve made some rough estimates of what we will need to start the garden year off right

Things We Need

Mulch – spoiled hay bails, hemp/grain sacks, black and white
Newspaper, grass clippings $30.00
Cold frame materials – plexi glass, 4×4 (I have most of these
materials I believe) $10.00
Flower Seeds $25
Vegetable and Herb Seeds – $50.00
Gas for rototiller – $15.00
Hose and sprinkler
Pinwheels (to keep certain animals that dig under fences away) $6.00
Chicken wire and pegs donation for fence $20.00
Compost and fertilizer $25.00
Garden Gloves

The Langar Kitchen Renovation Needs Your Support. THANK YOU!