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Winter Rest 2013

The Ashram Garden is asleep beneath a foot of snow that fell just before New Years.  For more than a decade our community has marked the new year by hosting an annual New Years Kirtan Celebration. This year’s event was bittersweet as we we reflected on both loss and sadness from violence in the world as well as our abiding trust in the hope we hold for humanity and the Divine Love that connects and draws us together.  Two events in 2012 particularly weighed heavy on us as we celebrated: the tragedy of the loss of life in Connecticut on December 15th at the Sandy Hook Elementary School and the murders that occurred in Oak Creek Wisconsin at the Sikh Gurdwara on Aug 5th.

2012 was a year of seemingly unprecedented change.  And amidst the change and loss, we are compelled to reach out to those who suffer while we are called to reflect on the Eternal Unchanging.

The rhythms of the year which we witness in our gardens and fields remind us of the need for the solace of community and the work of many hands to build and sustain us.  We know there can be no work without rest, and no peace without work.

Peace to All

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