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Join us each Sunday for Gurdwara, as we celebrate our weekly Sikh religious service. The word Gurdwara literally means the Guru’s Door, and the Guru for Sikhs is the poetry of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh scripture which has a central place in our worship service.

On special celebrations and Gurpurbs, we have extended kirtan.  Please join us as we sing God’s praises and listen to words of devotion.

The Gurdwara is a meditative environment where you can bow your head and sit in the peace of the Guru’s vibration. We strive to make this an inspiring experience for children and encourage them to participate in the kirtan and some of the Seva.

We are blessed to have many inspiring and devoted ragis play Gurbani kirtan each week, and you will hear both the more traditional kirtan instruments, such as the harmonium and tabla, as well as Western instruments, like the guitar and violin. To encourage participation and deepen attendees’ experience of the Shabad Guru, we project our Shabads in Gurmukhi and English, as well as offer the English translation following the Gurmukhi reading of the Hukam.

Please join us in the Gurdwara.  All are welcome; no prior experience in Gurdwara is necessary.  In the Gurdwara everyone takes off their shoes and covers their head.  We have headscarves available.

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