Langar is a blessed communal vegetarian meal served after a Gurdwara program.  It is an essential part of the Sikh experience demonstrating our belief in equality, sharing and the oneness of humanity.

The practice of serving food to all was started in Guru Nanak’s time and institutionalized by Guru Amar Das, the third Sikh Guru, who asked all those wishing to see him, regardless of caste, to first sit together and eat a humble vegetarian meal. Even the Emperor of India was required to sit and take langar with everyone else when he came to see Guru Amar Das.  This was a revolutionary policy at a time when the inequality of the caste system was accepted throughout India.

Today, Sikhs are known worldwide for their free kitchens, which provide opportunities for seva, food for the hungry, and allow everyone to experience the joy and fulfillment of sangat.

Here at Guru Ram Das Gurdwara, Langar is prepared and served each week by one of four rotating teams of sevadars called missals.

Help Prepare Langar: Langar Seva

You are welcome to help with the langar whether or not you are on a missal.  All that is needed is a freshly cleaned pair of hands!

We also have guest families who ask to prepare the langar.

If you would like to provide the funds for a langar, prepare all or part of a langar, or serve on a missal, please contact Siri Sevak Kaur.

She can be reached at the Gurdwara:  508-202-0368

The Langar Kitchen Renovation Needs Your Support. THANK YOU!