Guru_Ram_Das_ Ashram
Guru Ram Das Ashram

Ours is truly a spiritual village on Village Street — a place for people to connect with the earth, with each other, and with their spiritual discipline, in a deep and profound way. People of all faiths and backgrounds come to Guru Ram Das Ashram. They come for many different reasons: to study and practice the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, to visit Guru Ram Das Gurdwara, to experience life in a spiritual community, to take a private retreat, or to get a little rest and relaxation in a country location. Everyone comes to experience personal transformation and spiritual growth.


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Contact Info

Guru Ram Das Ashram & Gurdwara
368 Village Street
Millis, MA 02054
Gurdwara Phone: 508-202-0368
Ashram Phone: 508-376-4527

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