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Kirtan, the devotional singing of shabads, is an essential part of our Gurdwara services and Sikh life in general.

Kirtan programs feature musicians from the Guru Ram Das Ashram community, as well as guest ragis visiting from the New England area Gurdwaras, and Gurdwaras around the world.  

Langar is a shared vegetarian meal served after a Gurdwara program. Eating together is an essential part of the Sikh experience demonstrating our belief in equality, sharing, and the oneness of humanity.

The practice of serving food when Sikhs gather began early in Guru Nanak’s time. Guru Amar Das, the third Sikh Guru, was famous for asking everyone who came to see him, regardless of caste, first to sit together and eat a basic vegetarian meal. Even the Emperor of India was required to sit and take langar with everyone else when he came to see Guru Amar Das.  This was a revolutionary policy at a time when the inequality of the caste system was accepted throughout India.

Today, Sikhs are known worldwide for their free kitchens, which provide opportunities for seva, food for the community including the hungry, and allow everyone to experience the joy and fulfillment of sangat.

Here at Guru Ram Das Gurdwara, Langar is prepared and served each week by one of four rotating teams of sevadars called missals.

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