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Making Maintenance Requests

Maintenance requests need to be submitted through either our Google email or voicemail.  If you or any resident calls our number, your voicemail will be recorded, transcribed, and stored in the Ashram property management email account (

Each EC member has access to the Property Management email account.

So that the inevitable maintenance problems can be tracked, reviewed, approved, and the vendors paid, all requests for repair must be entered into the system we’ve set up .

If a resident notifies you of a problem that needs maintenance, ask them to send an email to Property Management or call the number to log their request.  Alternately, you can take responsibility for entering the request through the system by calling or emailing.

To review maintenance requests follow this link  Property Maintenance Mail

Password: 368property


Known Maintenance Needs

Repair Maintenance Tracking Spreadsheet

This Spreadsheet lists all known open requests for maintenance at the Ashram.  In addition to assessing each of the items listed, a close revview of previous lists (kept by Dharma and Pat) was used to create this new master Spreadsheet.

Requests for maintenance should come to our attention through the ashram property email/phone account.

  • Work requestors (GuruRas and Manjit) and Dharma are responsible for maintaining and updating this spreadsheet.
  • All EC members have access to the Spreadsheet.
  • Smaller projects lie in the domain of the Property Management.
  • Expensive, unusual, and capital improvement work must be approved by the EC.


Getting Contractors Paid: The PO Process

1. Dharma Kaur, GuruRas Kaur & Manjit Kaur all oversee building projects.  Dharma Kaur is often the one who by virtue of being onsite at the Ashram speaks directly with the contractor when they’re here on the property.

2. Depending on the cost and impact on the ashram, GuruRas, Manjit and at times the entire EC will work together to select property projects to be funded and completed.   GuruRas and Manjit consult one another on projects but will act independently when necessary with projects with dollar limits of $300 or less.

3. We notify Dharma Kaur what we aim to get done providing her with a project description, Job# from the Ashram Repair List, the authorized dollar amount we agree to pay for the project, and the contractor/vendor, if known.

4. Dharma then creates a Purchase Order (PO) and assigns a PO#: the PO describes what we want done and the highest amount we aim to spend.  Once we identify a contractor, Dharma adds to the PO their name, address and other relevant information if not originally known. We often secure estimates from our contractors/vendors.

4. The individual who requests the work will update the Ashram Repair List creating a new entry for the property project and assigns a Job#.  Once Dharma creates a PO# she or the requestor will update the entry in the Ashram Repair spreadsheet with the PO#.

5. When Dharma Kaur creates a PO she sends it, along with the PO# to AshramProperty and Pat and cc: MJK, GRK.  She then adds an entry to the PO Tracking document

6. Once the work is done, the requestor or Dharma goes to Pat and signs off on the printed PO, signifying the work has been completed and we are ready to pay the contractor.

7. Pat pays the contractor.  She updates the PO Tracking document noting when she paid.


Human Resources

Employee Handbook
August 10, 2011
This is the Employee Handbook. It was reviewed by our previous insurance agent and will go to our lawyer as well. If you have questions, please let us know.

It’s still a work in progress.

~Manjit Kaur

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