EC Documents

December 2004 Ashram Membership Agreement

August 2011 Ashram Membership Agreement

November 17, 2010 Ashram Application Form

November 30, 2010 Rental Agreement

December 2, 2010 Pet Policy

December 3, 2010 Pet Application Form

August 2011 Interview New Members



Employee Handbook
August 10, 2011
This is the Employee Handbook. It is for your review, but we only want to make changes where absolutely necessary. Everything was checked with the insurance agent and this will go to the lawyer as well. If you have important changes to make, I can send you the doc version, but lets not worry much about grammar etc, as this is stated in legal terms and was mostly taken from the insurance fill-in-the-blank.

Kudos to Ravi Nam Kaur who worked very hard on this. I did review each line too and worked closely with both Ravi Nam and the insurance agent.  Its still a work in progress. I will show it to Victoria (who also worked closely with Ravi Nam) and then to our employees for comment, but GuruRas Kaur ji, if you would kindly post it to the web (please use this version) in a very restricted members only area that will be helpful for insurance purposes.

~Manjit Kaur


Making Maintenance Requests

Maintenance requests need to be submitted through either our Google email or voicemail.  If you or any resident calls our number, your voicemail will be recorded, transcribed, and stored in the Ashram property management email account (

Each EC member has access to the Property Management email account.

So that the inevitable maintenance problems can be tracked, reviewed, approved, and the vendors paid, all requests for repair must be entered into the system we’ve set up . 

If a resident notifies you of a problem that needs maintenance, ask them to send an email to Property Management or call the number to log their request.  Alternately, you can take responsibility for entering the request through the system by calling or emailing.

To review maintenance requests follow this link  Property Maintenance Mail

Password: 368property

Known Maintenance Needs

Repair Maintenance Tracking Spreadsheet

This Spreadsheet lists all known open requests for maintenance at the Ashram.  In addition to assessing each of the items listed, a close reives of previous lists (kept by Dharma and Pat) was used to create this new master Spreadsheet.

Requests for maintenance should come to our attention through the ashram property email/phone account.

Process of Payment for Work Done

1. Each month, the EC authorizes the amount of funding available to the Sanghat Reps for property management. Within a fiscal year, unused monies designated for maintenance can be banked and roll over to the next month.
2. The Sanghat Reps will select projects to be completed and notify Dharma Kaur who will then assign a PO#. The Sanghat Reps will update the Spreadsheet with the PO#.
3. Dharma Kaur will create a Release of Payment Form and send it, along with the PO# to NJK, SDK & Pat and cc: MJK, GRK
4. Pat then writes back to all after receiving the Payment Form to let everyone know that she has the information.
5. When a maintenance vendor is finished s/he will contact the Sanghat Reps who review the work done and sign the Release of Payment Form, and only then,
5. Pat will pay the contractor when the signed Release of Payment Form is submitted to her.

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