Weather Report for the Guru Ram Das Ashram

Where to Park during a Snow Storm

Winter at the Ashram

The Ashram is home to you our precious residents and sevadars and host to the Baba Siri Chand Yoga Center and Guru Ram Das Gurdwara.  During winter months when we tally our guests (considering both Gurdwara and yoga events), we expect over 600 people each month visiting and parking on the property.  Parking spots are at a premium and we lose a few each year to piles of snow, making for cramped parking and walking challenges.  But wait….! there is a better way!!!

When it snows we need to move all the vehicles to the font of the property to allow the snow plows to clear the parking area.  We then return our vehicles to their parking spots and allow the snow plow to clear the areas at the front where the vehicles were temporarily parked.  Doing this enables the Ashram to have enough parking for the yoga center and Gurdwara.

At the first sign of snow, please start monitoring your phone, weather reports and email.  If snow amounts exceed 3 inches your vehicles should be moved to the designated Winter Parking locations noted in the diagram above.

Please know that while we make every effort to communicate with you about where to store your vehicles, we have an obligation to keep the snow cleared and as many parking spots open for the Ashram, Gurdwara and Yoga Center.  If your car remains in parking areas that need to be cleared and you cannot be reached we may need to have your car moved at your expense.

Procedures for Snow

Driveway and Vehicles

1. Please move your cars to the front of the property, away from your normal parking in the rear or in the A Bldg resident parking spaces.  This needs to happen before the driveway can be plowed

2. When you move your vehicle for snow, please park in the front on the left hand side of the driveway or between the trees (not the Building A parking area & not next to the tree on the side of Building A).

3. After the plow comes through and the snow is cleared move your vehicle to the back parking spots which have been cleared.

4. When all the cars are moved to the back spaces, the plow will come through and clear the snow in the front parking and driveway edges.

5. When the Front spots are cleared and the snow has stopped, please move to your normal parking spaces.

Walkways and Sidewalks

Our snow plow company along with Sat Nam and the Sangat Reps will keep the walks clear.

They love to have snow angels help clear snow from the paths, so if you’re willing and able, please feel encouraged to join in.  It’s fun, good exercise, and builds Cherdi Khala.

Snow removal equipment available for you to use is stored in the Garage:

Salt/sand in buckets are placed around the property. Please use these freely.

Email or call us, your Sanghat Reps (Nam Joti Kaur & Siri Devta Kaur), with your questions at ashramproperty at or (508)794-9393.

If you’re going to Solstice or out of town during the winter months…

Please move your car up front under the trees nearer Village Street before you leave.

Note : this parking location at the front of the property and *not* in the Resident Parking or adjacent to the side of building A.

We need to remove snow from all parking spaces including the ones at the tree next to A8.

Please consider leaving a set of your car keys with Dharma Kaur, the Ashram Secretary & Safety Officer.  If for some reason we need to move your car, it’s a lot easier to have a set of keys.

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